Winterbourne Medieval Barn 2

This is a Heritage Lottery funded project. Restoration of the medieval barn began in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, through the combined efforts of the Winterbourne Medieval Barn Trust and South Gloucestershire Council.

Both have worked hard to secure the HL funding and work on the barn is now complete. That work recognises the historic importance of the barn and its place in local medieval life, such that one area of the main barn, while having been cleaned up a little, has been left untouched. The other half has been renovated to provide a hub for community activites and events such as weddings, concerts and theatre.


A modest kitchen, some office space and rooms for educational activities/interpretation are also included. Outside there are a number of small local heritage businesses working in units on the site of a line of old cow byres.

Footprint was awarded the tender for the original interpretation plan for the barn back in 2018 and was also contracted to deliver some of the things contained in that plan in 2019.

The main area of interpretation is a new glazed corridor linking the reception area with other amenities. Given the width of the corridor, flat wall mounted graphics was the only practical solution. Eight panels tell the story of the barn – its construction, its use, the lives of the local peasant farmers and the life of Thomas De Bradeston, Lord of Winterbourne Manor who built the barn and who was a person of great historical significance during the reigns of Edward II and Edward III.


The spaces in the barn will have many uses. In order to allow felexibility in how those spaces were use, Footprint designed some movable display units. These looked at the surrounding land and its wildlife. There are some great walks from the barn into the local countryside and a nature reserve close by.