Sutton-Courtenay Environmental Centre

Bridge Interpretation

Located on a beautiful nature reserve just outside Didcot, Sutton-Courtenay Environmental Centre is run by the Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust. The centre provides fun and educational trips for all ages from toddler groups to school trips, family days out and adult workshops.

Footprint was invited to look at the provision of interpretation on a bridge over a stream in the reserve. The interpretation would not only show some of the species that inhabit the waterway and adjacent habitats, but also seek to ensure that children in particular, could not lean through the existing bridge barriers and thereby fall into the stream.

The length of the bridge and the need to apply the design to both sides posed some problems in terms of meeting the given budget. It would be truthful to say that some of the more creative ideas were ditched due to this.

Footprint is a great believer in the power of good illustration. That it can still induce the ‘wow’ response from people. Our solution sought to do exactly this. A number of different sized discs would be sited along the sides of the bridge. Their careful placement would close down the gaps and provide greater safety.