Stratford Park, Stroud

Health and well-being trail

A project working with the Stratford Park Managament Group and the Physical Activity & Health team at Stroud District Council. This new trail takes visitors around the perimeter of the park. In so doing they enjoy a lot of what the park has to offer, its grassland paths, its woodland, lake, arboretum and formal gardens.

The trail seeks to not only guide visitors and encourage exercise, but to raise their awareness of the park’s environment, to stimulate their senses in a greater interaction with the things around them. To stop, to look, to listen, to touch, to take their time.

Four oak monoliths are sited at points around the walk. Each has a cut-through shape – an eye, a camera, a heart, a magnifying glass. Beneath each cut-through a mounted inlaid graphic encourages the visitor to consider where they are. To explore the grassland beneath their feet for wildlife, to breathe in the oxygen in the woodland, to take the opportunity of a photographic snap among some of the glorious trees in the arboretum.

Elsewhere on the trail, there are graphic discs with information about the park’s wildife. There are also four larger than life cut-outs of wildlife species affixed in relevant locations and waiting to be discovered. A Sparrowhawk, a Little Owl, Common Frog and a Daubenton’s Bat.

Oak posts carrying waymarkers help guide people around the trail, as well as tree mounted waymarkers.

New welcome panels have also been produced with all the park’s amenities included and the route of the trail.

The trail is launched at the 2022 Big Nature Festival in the Park.

It is hoped to add to the trail in due course, keeping it fresh for visitors to enjoy again and again.