Capel’s Mill

Panels, species cut outs and tactile pieces.

Capel’s Mill is the site of a Brunel built viaduct on the edge of Stroud town. Both the restored Thames and Severn Canal and the River Frome pass through its arches. The Frome topples over a weir here, the remnant of the Stroudwater Dye Works that once stood here. The river and canal are importanat green wildlife corridors.

Local conservation charity Stroud Valleys Project have also created a new wildlflower  meadow with mixed tree planting above the canal. Footprint provided interpretive pieces that introduced  and orientated people around the site, plus some tactile relief sculpture and rubbings.


The final pieces of the project were two larger than life cut out wildlife species. High quality illustrations of a Daubenton’s Bat and a Dipper were produced as waterproof cut outs and affixed at locations where these species inhabit. The sites are quite discreet and the pieces are not advertised in any way. We wanted visitors to discover them for themselves, photograph them and tell others.

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