Four Pillars Hotel

Interpretation, way marking and furniture

The hotel stands on the banks of Lake 6 of the Cotswold Water Park. This interpretation project provided a way marked walk around the lake, interpretive information on the wildlife of the lake and a rest/play furniture installation.

A number of initial sketch concepts were presented to the client after several site visits, research and consultations with other stakeholders in the Water Park. The lake has a great diversity of dragonfly and damselfly species and one in particulsr, the largest UK species, the Emperor, became the main feature and link for the interpretation.

The brief asked for lectern panels and we looked at how we could make them more dynamic and interesting. The dragonfly took centre stage and the panels were made so as to allow its transparent forweings to be cut out above the rectangular backing panel, while keeping its head and thorax opaque.

dragonfly board 2 - Layout 1P1140002IMG_0327

Three different panels reflected their locations around the lake and the wildlife found/seen at those locations. A dragonfly also feature on way marking discs and a large dragonfly shaped ‘fingerpost’.

Variety was introduced by way of a large seat/play feature. This was shaped like the head of Coot, a numerous and noisey residen of the lake. At the time there was also a ‘Coot’s Cafe’ on the banks of the lake. Walkers could sit and look out over the lake, kids could clamber through the eyes of the coot.

dragonfly board 2 - Layout 2IMG_0039Copying

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