Alexandra Park Viewpoint and Beechen Cliff, Bath

Footprint has designed several interpretative panels for the area above Bath known as Beechen Cliff. This includes Magdalen Gardens, Beechen Cliff Woodland and Alexandra Park viewpoint.

The former look at the history of the site. The latter celebrates the view of the city from the park, one of the finest of any city in the country and looks to reflect the concept of looking over the edge to the city below. Buildings and sites of interest are highlighted and linked to a simple key on the board below, for visitors of all ages, abilities and origins to understand.

Footprint has now supplied interpretation for BATHNES (Bath and North East Somerset Council) at three of its parks and more are in the pipeline. While the appearance of the structures at respective sites differ a little, there is consistency through the use of materials and the angles of steel work used. This links back to the first projects for BATHNES at Parade Gardens (below).