Priory Park, Dudley

Priory Park, Dudley

Exterior panels and interior exhibtion

An HLF funded restoration project for Priory park in Dudley, with a large focus around the park’s ruined Cluniac Priory. Research, including community engagement, preceeded any design work. The three finished exterior lectern panels, relayed the history of the site specific to three different locations at entrances to the park and were mounted on arched shaped coated steel supports.

P1230160IMG_1133Priory Park Pavilion

The style and content of the panels was mirrored  inside the park pavilion. With space at a premium in order to allow a learning space for school children and community groups, the display had to be wall mounted. Three walls were used to portray a timeline of the site. Some features were mounted off the wall and there were tactile and interactive elements. Tile designs created by a local secondary schoool were also added. A section containing framed historic prints of the site could be adapted for other uses in the future.

With the exception of a few existing references, all graphics were originals created for this project. Working with the Pixel Bunch, the graphics were adapted for a mobile phone app.