Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick

A couple of days stopover in Hawick on the Scottish Borders, combined with meetings was needed to get to know Wilton Lodge Park. The final Interpretation Plan looked at all aspects of the park – its layout, entrances, habitats, amenities, resources, existing signage and how the park was used and enjoyed by visitors , local and from further afield, including a museum which needed to become a more essential part of the park experience.

Wilton Lodge Park Plan  latest 25.5.12 20 Wilton Lodge Park Plan  latest 25.5.12 17Wilton Lodge Park Plan  latest 25.5.12 21Wilton Lodge Park Plan  latest 25.5.12 32

The plan had a strong emphasis on the history of the borders and the conflicts and battles with the English associated with the area. It also looked at the strong literary, poetic and music traditions of the area and how these could become an integral part of  the interpretation. The park was in a pivotal postion, located on the banks of the fast flowing River Teviot and surrounded by hills and forests, so ecology was also a strong thred for the interpretation.

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