Dartington Deer park

P1020056 copy 2The leaping deer. One of the most popular interpretive features at Dartington Deer Park. A Heritage Lottery funded project which engages visitors with the story of the medieval deer park and hunt, the remnants of a medieval hunt viewing platform, the building of an 18th century deer park wall, the changing landscape of the area and its wildlife, including a new Fallow Deer herd.

The interpretation had to be sensitive to the landscape and the tranquil sense of place while enticing and engaging for a wide range of visitors, including families from the urban areas of Torbay.

There are a five other corten steel deer located in the woodlands and visible from the trail which takes people around the Deer Park. A family of three and two in the medieval drinking well.

P1020072 copyThe rest of the interpretation comprises a series of graphic panels inlaid on oak monoliths, on benches (the timber came from the estate) and mounted on the restored 18th century wall.

P1030713 copy

P1010791 copy

The interpretation has been extremely well received by visitors to the park, by local users, the Dartington Hall Trust and the HLF. These are just a few sample images form the wider project. For more information please get in touch.



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